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11th Meeting of the Joint Working Committee of 04 Vietnamese border provinces and the Zhuang Guangxi Autonomous Region, China

The 11th meeting of the joint working committee of 04 border provinces of Vietnam and the Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi, China was held on January 7th 2020 in Liuzhou city. Mr. Nguyen Trung Thao, Member of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Chairman of Cao Bang People's Committee, co-chaired the meeting

The speech of Mr. Nguyen Cong Truong, Vice Chairman of Lang Son Provincial People's Committee, summarized a number of results achieved in many fields according to the exchange and cooperation agreement between the two sides, from which the cooperation relationship between 04 provinces in Vietnam and Guangxi, China would continue to be strengthened and developed. Also, the provinces would continuously promote international tourism cooperation; enhance traffic connectivity; cooperate in opening and upgrading border gates, pairs of border markets; cooperate in managing border-crossing labor and constructing cross-border economic cooperation zones; strenghen trade and investment cooperation as well as smuggling and epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, 10 contents proposed for the two sides to promote cooperation in the coming time such as trade, border economy, infrastructure construction and transport connection were also mentioned.

Delegates from four border provinces of Vietnam and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

In 2019, Cao Bang province organized 79 working missions with 368 delegates visiting and working in Guangxi; sent 47 cadres and officials to Baise Cadre Academy for further training, 01 officials and 14 students to the universities of Guangxi; completed the procedure 24 people for sending to Jingxi Vocational Technical School for vocational training. Guangxi also organized 54 delegations with 640 delegates visiting and working in Cao Bang. Cao Bang and Guangxi have actively been promoting the implementation of Agreement on cooperation, protection and exploitation of Ban Gioc (Vietnam) - Detian (China) waterfall tourism resource. Both sides have completed internal procedures to upgrade Tra Linh (Vietnam) - Long Bang (China) border gate to the international border gate and open the Na Dooong (Vietnam) - Na Ray (China) border crossing. Legal procedures for construction of Ta Lung (Vietnam) - Shuikou (China) border river bridge No. 02, Soc Giang (Vietnam) - Pingmeng (China) freight bridge, Dong Dang (Lang Son) - Tra Linh (Cao Bang) highway have been being completed; The plan for upgrading the pair of Ly Van (Viennam) - Shuolong (China) border gates to the international border gate and opening Ban Khoong (Vietnam) - Yanyin (China) border crossing is being promoted. The two sides have paid close attention to and cooperated closely in agriculture, forestry, education, culture, sports, and border-crossing labor management. The struggle against criminals and the security and stability maintenance in border were also effectively coordinated by the two sides.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thao - Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of Cao Bang Provincial People's Committee - suggested that the two sides would work together to build Ban Gioc (Vietnam) - Detian (China) waterfall landscape area into a green and smart tourist attraction, which is a bright spot in cross-border tourism cooperation as the expectation of senior leaders of the two countries. At the same time, he also asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leaders of Quang Ninh, Lang Son and Ha Giang provinces to continue supporting and assisting Cao Bang in in carrying out foreign affairs, connecting infrastructure to develop the border gate and tourism economy in the direction of modernity and sustainability, and maintaining and strengthening friendship visits at all levels.

At the Meeting, the Parties signed a memorandum of understanding for the 11th Meeting of the Joint Working Committee between Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Cao Bang and Ha Giang Provinces (Vietnam) and the Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi (China).

On the occasion, the delegation of Cao Bang province visited Uncle Ho relic in Liuzhou, Dongfeng automobile industrial park, the exhibition of new area on Liuzhou field, Liuzhou industrial park, and attended a musical night in Liuzhou city.

Dam Trung (Translated by Nong Hai)