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Department of Foreign Affairs conducts field surveys in border areas

In August 2021, the delegation of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Cao Bang province (the standing agency Steering Committee for the implementation of Directive 1326 of the province) led by Mr. Doan Trong Hung, Provincial Party Member, Director of the Department visited a number of border areas in Ha Lang, Quang Hoa, Trung Khanh, Ha Quang, and Thach An. Accompanying the delegation were representatives of the Provincial Border Guard Command, the Provincial Public Security, the District People's Committee, the Commune People's Committee and the Border Guard Station where the delegation paid the visits. 

The patrol road of the landmark 962

The delegation carried out field surveys and assessed the actual status of a number of landmarks managed and protected by Cao Bang province. Currently, in the province, the management and protection of many landmarks still face difficulties due to the difficult terrain. In addition, the patrol road has not been invested, so the functional forces face many obstacles in the process of border patrol. Some landmarks at points close to the riverbank have a high risk of subsidence; Some landmarks are deformed due to time and natural disasters. For example, the Landmark 821 in Trung Khanh district was severely damaged by a large rock falling on it due to the aftershocks of the November 2019 earthquake.

The delegation also visited a number of border gates and border crossings such as the traffic interconnection at Po Peo (Vietnam) - Nhac Vu (China) border gate; the Ly Van - Shuolong border gate and Ban Khong - Nham Ung border crossing; Soc Giang (Vietnam) - Pingmeng (China) border gate. These are the places where the two sides (Vietnam, China) are planning to build and expand border gates and border crossings related to the current status of borders and landmarks.

At the survey points, the leaders of the relevant units discussed a number of issues related to the protection of borders and landmarks in the areas as well as the traffic interconnection plan in the area of the border gates and border crossings. After the survey visits, the mission reported to the Steering Committee for the implementation of Directive 1326 of the province on the current status of border lines and landmarks; at the same time, proposed to the National Border Committee to pay attention to and invest in building embankments and border patrol roads in accordance with the Agreement on regulations on land border management between Vietnam and China.

The delegation visited and presented some essential necessities to officers and soldiers at the border checkpoint of Soc Giang Border Guard

In addition to the field surveys, the delegation also visited and donated 02 refrigerators, 08 water purifiers and some essential necessities to border guard posts that are performing the task of preventing illegal entry and exit in some border districts.