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Cao Bang's preparation for 2021 Spring Meeting and 12th Conference of the Joint Working Committee

Cao Bang Province was the host of the 2021 Spring Meeting between the Secretaries of the 04 northeastern border provinces of Vietnam including Cao Bang, Quang Ninh, Lang Son and Ha Giang and the Secretary of the Party Committee of China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and 12th Meeting of the Joint Working Committee. Despite the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic in a number of provinces in the country, Cao Bang has been making efforts to both prevent the epidemic and well prepare and be ready for the meeting in accordance with the real situation of the province.

The Spring Meeting and Joint Working Committee Meeting is an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and comprehensive exchange, affirming the spirit of solidarity and sustainable development between Vietnam and China in general and between two side's border localities in particular. Thanks to the program, the two side's exchange and cooperation activities have been increasingly diversified, comprehensive and practical, bringing about important results such as speeding up the construction of traffic works and border gate infrastructure; opening and upgrading border gates, opening new border crossings and pairs of border markets; stabilizing and improving export turnover, simplifying customs clearance procedures; researching to promote border e-commerce cooperation; coordinating to find effective solutions to thoroughly prevent cross-border smuggling, crime and illegal entry and exit.

The Meeting of the Secretariat of four provinces of Cao Bang, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Ha Giang

To well prepare for this year's Meeting, a meeting of the Secretariat of 04 provinces (Cao Bang, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Ha Giang) was held in Cao Bang province to agree on a number of related contents such as the main contents of the report as well as the form, time, location, and participants of the Meetings. Due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, Cao Bang has proposed to organize online this year’s program and conference at five different locations. The program will evaluate the implementation of the contents of the Minutes of the Talks signed at the 2020 Spring Meeting and Memorandum of the 11th Meeting of Joint Working Committee.

In order to soon implement the preparation of the Program and Conference in accordance with regulations, Cao Bang Provincial Party Committee established the Organizing Committee of the 2021 Spring Meeting and the 12th Conference of the Joint Working Committee and and assigned specific tasks to its members. Support groups for the Organizing Committee to implement the tasks under the Program and Plan were also established. The province has cooperated with the State Reception Department - Ministry of Foreign Affairs to develop the plan of reception and opening ceremony; directed the relevant units to complete the documents for organizing 2021 Spring Meeting and 12th Conference of the Joint Working Committee to submit to competent authorities for approvals.

The meeting of the Organizing Committee of 2021 Spring Meeting and 12th Conference of the Joint Working Committee

With the motto "Active, flexible, creative, and effective", Departments and branches of the province have actively coordinated with Vietnam’s related provinces and China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to ensure the preparation for the effective organization of the meetings, contributing to promoting the comprehensive strategic cooperation between Vietnam and China to new heights./.