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Strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control, ensuring security and social order in Cao Bang’s border areas

Cao Bang Border Guard is responsible for managing a more-than-333km-long border. With many high mountains, deep and dangerous forests, harsh weather and climate, the management and prevention of illegal entry and exit of citizens during the COVID-19 epidemic is not an easy task. In order to effectively implement the "dual goal", Cao Bang Border Guard has deployed solutions to both fight the epidemic and ensure security and social order in the border areas.

Officers and soldiers of Co Ba border Guard (in Bao Lac district) are patrolling to prevent people from illegally crossing the border

Identifying the importance of preventing people from illegal entry and exit for epidemic prevention and control, the Provincial Border Guard Command has always paid attention and created the most favorable conditions for officers and soldiers in preventing illegal entry and exit and investigating cases related to illegal entry and exit; directed the border guard posts to step up the propaganda and mobilize the people to rely on them in the fight against crime; at the same time, organize for people to sign commitments "not to participate in, not to abet criminal activities, especially illegal entry and exit". Thereby, people's awareness is improved and they cooperate very well with the Border Guard in providing a lot of important information to help the functional forces complete their tasks. The Border Guard has also closely joined hands with the police force to capture information from within to take effective measures to combat and prevent acts of organizing and brokering illegal entry and exit.

The early implementation of "green zone" (COVID-19-free zone) protection measures has brought many positive results. Up to now, Cao Bang province has developed comprehensive "green zone" protection projects. Specifically, the province established 3 checkpoints on National highways 3, 4A, 34 to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. The Border Guard Command has established 130 fixed and 25 mobile controlling checkpoints along the border. Also, the Border Guard Force cooperates with relevant units to patrol, control, collect and receive Vietnamese citizens returning from China and take them to quarantine centers in accordance with regulations. As a result, from February 3, 2020 to July 8, 2021, Cao Bang Province's Border Guard detected and collected 21,610 citizens returning from China. Then, the Provincial Border Guard coordinated with relevant forces to take them to quarantine in accordance with regulations. Currently, Cao Bang province has suspended entry and exit throughout the border. For Vietnamese citizens returning home from China, the province directs border guards to coordinate with local health authorities to inspect, supervise and hand over to relevant agencies for 14-day quarantine.

Border guards of Ngoc Con border post detected and arrested illegal border crossing subjects

In addition, the province also promotes propaganda for people, especially people in border areas, to raise their awareness of the dangers and ways of spreading as well as the recommendations of the Ministry of Health in covid-19 prevention and control. Up to now, the Border Guard has propagated 112 sessions with more than 598 participants; distributed more than 4,500 medical masks for free; equipped officers and soldiers with 16,000 medical masks, 100 bottles of antiseptic solution, 150 sets of clothes for disease prevention and control.

Thanks to good disease control, Cao Bang province in the first 8 months of 2021 achieved a number of positive results. National defense, security, social order and safety are maintained. In border areas, people feel secure in production and enthusiastically participate in the movements "All people participate in self-management of borders and landmarks and maintain social order and safety in border villages", "All people participate in protecting territorial sovereignty and national border security in the new situation".

Facing with the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Border Guard force, along with other forces, always upholds the sense of responsibility and determination to overcome all difficulties in order to effectively prevent the Covid-19 epidemic and maintain security and social order in Cao Bang province, contributing to the firm protection of the "green zone".